PETER MARSHALL – another book on the way – and at the LONDON BOOK FAIR, 2022

Peter was at the London Book Fair to promote his trilogy of spy thrillers – and notably his latest book “There Are No Coincidences”. He was interviewed there by the US publisher, Booktrail … and previously, he was on the Kate Delaney show, America Today, on US radio …..

Now retired in Devon, UK, this former BBC journalist has kept busy writing or editing over a dozen books – including two biographies and now three spy thrillers……and there is a fourth spy story on the way!

“There Are No Coincidences”, published in December 2021, and his two previous novels, are set in the ruthless world of international espionage. They follow the experiences of a British woman who becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue as the outcome of an on-line “date” with a Russian who turns out to be a secret agent in Moscow!

The first novel in 2019 was “The Russian Lieutenant”, which earned him this review: “I will definitely be keeping an eye on this incredibly gifted author”. Another wrote: “There are surprises in every chapter… a page turner; … this reviewer certainly couldn’t put it down!”. He then followed up with his second spy novel – “Beyond the Funeral” in 2020 – and now “There are No Coincidences”.

Peter moved from the BBC into the satellite communications business including 12 years in the United States working on the development of satellite services for international TV news. His world travels provide the background for his creative spy stories … which he says “provide an escape from fact-based journalism”. In his retirement, he has also written and edited books on developments in the space and satellite business, as well as human spaceflight. His work on biographies include “The Oracle of Colombo”, about the lifetime achievements of the famous British author, scientist and futurist, Arthur C. Clarke.

Peter’s career highlights include: Chairman of the Royal Television Society (RTS – UK) in 1986; President of the Society of Satellite Professionals (SSPI – USA) 1987-1992; Executive of the Year, World Teleport Association (WTA) – 1995; Elected to Satellite Hall of Fame by SSPI – 2003.

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