Retired journalist and satellite industry executive Peter Marshall has drawn on his lifetime experiences to co-produce a series of books on safety for human space flights – as well as writing spy novels for relaxation!

With his former colleague, Dr. Joseph Pelton, he has now completed some fourteen books on the space industry – as listed below. In these publications, they have described the emergence of private companies in the fast-growing global space business. And following the NASA Space Shuttle disasters, they produced a series of books which have explored the importance of safety for human space flight. They went on to examine NASA’s Artemis project to take astronauts back to the moon and to set up a new base there for further space exploration. In the most recent book, published in May, 2024, they describe the ambitious “Gateway” project – involving NASA and private sector companies –  which includes creating a new space station as a future base for missions beyond the moon and en route to Mars.

It was after 20-plus years as a journalist with BBC News and its international offshoot Visnews, that Peter Marshall’s career involved him in the use of the early communications satellites in the 1980s for global TV transmission. He then spent 12 years in the USA, working first with the INTELSAT organisation to develop this emerging new market. When the satellite communications business was deregulated in the 1990’s, he went on to become President of Keystone Communications, a new private sector company in the USA providing global satellite services to the TV market.  He is now retired and living by the sea in Torquay, Devon, with time to write books.

Peter’s worldwide travels on business have also provided the background for his creative spy novels, which are set in the ruthless and murky world of international espionage.  “The Bear is Stirring“, his fourth spy story, probes the  secret services of Russia and the West at the time when the Ukraine situation emerged!  This story follows the hazardous exploits of the ‘spooks’ created in his previous books which became an echo of real life and one on-line reviewer wrote: “I have no hesitation in rating this book five out of five. Notwithstanding that it is a fiction, the book is presented in a way that gives it a real-life feel, it is fast-paced, and it relies on multiple characters rather than an individual one …. these elements are delivered with taste and good humour. (Review by Online Book Club, Feb 2023.)

His three previous novels followed the experiences of a British woman who became embroiled in a web of intrigue – the outcome of an on-line “date” with a Russian navy officer, who turned out to be a secret agent. The first novel, “The Russian Lieutenant”, earned this review: “I will definitely be keeping an eye on this incredibly gifted author”. Another wrote: “There are surprises in every chapter… a page turner… this reviewer certainly couldn’t put it down!”.


This year, as well as researching for the next spy novel, Peter is working on a follow up to “The Wayward Spirit”, published in 2016, which described the extraordinary true travel experiences of the international marketeer and philanthropist Peter Harris.


Peter Marshall’s career highlights include serving as Chairman of the Royal Television Society (RTS – UK) in 1986; and President of the Society of Satellite Professionals (SSPI – USA) 1987-1992. He was elected to the Satellite Hall of Fame by SSPI in 2003. For further information, see:


Peter Marshall – Bibliography (2005 to 2024)


* available on Amazon



The Russian Lieutenant* (AUTHOR) – first novel – published by Authoright, April 2020.

Beyond the Funeral* (AUTHOR) – sequel to “The Russian Lieutenant” – self-published with Amazon/KDP, October 2020.

There Are No Coincidences* (AUTHOR) – a third spy thriller to complete “The Marina Trilogy” – published by Booktrail Agency (USA), December 2021.

The Bear is Stirring* (AUTHOR) – a fourth spy thriller – self-published with Amazon-KDP, February 2023.


NON-FICTION (The space industry)

Space Safety 2005 – (EDITOR – a research report by Dr. Joseph Pelton, conducted for the Space Shuttle Children’s Trust Fund and published by George Washington University, USA, March 2005).

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Space Planes and Space Tourism – (EDITOR, a research study by Dr. Joseph Pelton, published by George Washington University, 2007)

License to Orbit* – (CO-AUTHOR with Dr. Joseph Pelton, published by Apogee Books, Canada, 2009)

Launching into Commercial Space* – (CO-AUTHOR with Dr. Joseph Pelton – published as an E-Book by AIAA, 2013, and updated and self-published as a paperback in 2015).

The Farthest Shore – a 21st Century Guide to Space by Dr. Joseph Pelton and Dr. A. Buckley (CO-EDITOR – published by Apogee Books, Canada, 2016, for the International Space University)

Life on Spaceship Earth* (EDITOR) – the autobiography of Dr. Joseph N. Pelton – self-published with Amazon/KDP, June 2020.

Safety First – a Review of NASA Spacecraft for Astronaut Missions* (EDITOR AND CO-AUTHOR with Dr. Joseph N. Pelton) self-published with Amazon/KDP for the Space Shuttle Children’s Trust Fund, August 2021.

The Space Safety Institute: A new way to safety certification for the “New Space” Age* (EDITOR with author Dr. Joseph N. Pelton) self-published with Amazon/KDP for the Space Shuttle Children’s Trust Fund, April 2022.

21st Century Space Stations: New Approaches to Space Safety* (EDITOR with author Dr. Joseph N. Pelton) self-published with Amazon/KDP for the Space Shuttle Children’s Trust Fund, June 2022.

Safety on the Moon: NASA’s Artemis Lunar Exploration Program* (EDITOR with author Dr.Joseph N. Pelton) self-published with Amazon/KDP for the Space Shuttle Children’s Trust Fund, May 2023.

The Gateway Lunar Space Station* (EDITOR with author Dr. Joseph N. Pelton) self-published with Amazon/KDP for the Space Shuttle Children’s Trust Fund, May 2024.




Megacrunch – Survival Strategies for the 21st Century* –
(CO-AUTHOR with Dr. Joseph Pelton, self-published with Createspace/Amazon, 2010)

The Safe City by Dr. Joseph Pelton and Indu Singh (EDITOR, published by The Emerald Planet, USA, 2013)

Delivering the News – (AUTHOR – a personal autobiography, published privately, 2014, for family and friends.)

The Oracle of Colombo* by Dr. Joseph Pelton – (EDITOR, a biography of Arthur C. Clarke, self-published with Createspace/Amazon behalf of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation, 2015.)

A Wayward Spirit* by Peter J. Harris – The Life-changing experiences of a Globetrotter – (EDITOR – self-published in 2016 with Createspace/Amazon).

The World is Their Stage* – A biography describing how Stephanie Manuel created “Stagecoach”, helped a million kids … and became a millionaire” – (AUTHOR – published in 2018 by Janus Publishing).

Crabbgate* by Dr. John Bevan – the unsolved mystery of the Royal Navy frogman, Commander “Buster” Crabb and the Russians (CONTRIBUTOR and FOREWORD) – published in May 2019.

The Oracle of Colombo – 2nd edition* (CO-AUTHOR with Dr. Joseph Pelton) – Arthur C. Clarke reveals the future (self-published with Amazon/KDP in 2019)

A Face, a Voice* (EDITOR) – the autobiography of Martin Muncaster, Broadcaster – published by Austin Macauley, December 2021).